It looks like model Tyson Beckford isn't done trolling Kim Kardashian, and now, he's added her husband Kanye West to the mix.

On Wednesday (Oct. 3), Beckford posted a series of photos on his Instagram Story. One featured 'Ye photoshopped into the drive-by scene of Boyz N the Hood, with Yeezy's head on Ricky's body and Beckford's bust cropped onto the shooter. He also reportedly referred to the rapper as a "fuck boy."

Kim also got the wrath. In another post, Beckford used a selfie photo of Kardashian laying on a bed with her mouth open and added an eggplant emoji to the pic with the caption, "Meanwhile she over here doing this."

This isn't the first time Beckford has gone at Kardashian. Back in August, Kim got into a spat with the model after he put some unflattering comments under a photo of hers. She clapped by questioning his sexuality. Yeezy later reportedly had a journalist booted from a New York Fashion Week event for questioning him about the back and forth. Kanye later called out Beckford on Instagram a couple weeks ago, telling him not to speak on Kim.

Check out both of Tyson Beckford's posts trolling Kanye West and Kim Kardashian below.

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