Currently, there are two areas of concern in the tropics. 

Invest 91-7 is currently in the Gulf of Mexico and inching it's way to the Texas coast. It could possibly make landfall as a Tropical Depression, if that does happen, it will be Tropical Depression Hanna.


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The current forecast shows that this will mainly be a rain maker for the Crossroads area  this weekend.  The current potential for Tropical development is 50% over the next five days.

Tropical Strom Gonzalo has just formed in the Atlantic and we will definitely be keeping an eye on this one.


As for now, it has sustained winds of 45 mph and could reach hurricane statues before it reaches the Caribbean.  The storm will  then dissipate and that is when we will start paying closer attention as it will head back in the open water.

We are about to head into the prime months of hurricane season.  This is when tropical storms and hurricanes can form not just in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Southeast coast or western Caribbean Sea, but also in what is called the main development region and take long tracks through the Atlantic Basin.


Don't be caught off guard, be prepared this hurricane season. Here are some tips to help you along the way

Hurricane Preparedness