How far would you go if you had tenants refusing to pay rent? One Texas landlord took things up a notch after her frustration boiled over from tenants who had allegedly not paid their monthly rent.


Thursday, August 4, San Antonio police officers received a call and responded to an apartment complex in the middle of the day. Officers approached the apartment unit to speak with a tenant.

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According to the arrest warrant affidavit, a tenant at the apartment complex accused his landlord of breaking into his unit and setting one of the door frames on fire. Officers entered the unit to look around but could not confirm any evidence of a fire.


Only about an hour later, officers were once again called out to the same apartment complex. This time, it was a different tenant claiming Romo's room was on fire.

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When officers arrived, the tenant explained Romo had used his phone to texas a relative. According to records, the text message said, 'if she doesn’t get her rent money, she’s going to burn down the house.'


Romo was arrested and when questioned about the incidents she admitted to setting the door frame on fire, but admittedly denied the second fire in her room.

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Romo explained that she set the door frame on fire because those tenants "Didn’t pay their rent on time and that they 'don’t keep the inside clean.'" Police believe she set the fire even after knowing people were inside.

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