Victoria's Got it Good

Growing up in Los Angeles, I can confidently say Victoria has it good when it comes to traffic. There are no hour-long traffic jams on Sam Houston Hwy or mile-long traffic down Navarro. 

Smaller Cities Got Problems Too

However, smaller cities still do have traffic to watch out for. While it may not be hour-long traffic jams, waiting for the same light 5 times is still a major inconvenience and frustrating and the medians definitely don't make things easier.

Median Madness

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Trying to get to Roadhouse turns into a major headache when you have to find a light to make a u-turn. Luckily, locals know some pretty good shortcuts that can have you avoiding medians or traffic altogether.

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Locals and Their Small Roads

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The longer you have lived in the area, the more you know there's always a small street that can get you there faster. Which are the best shortcuts, though? Is it the shortcut through Tanglewood to get to Walmart? Or maybe it's the major Navarro to Main Street shortcut through the Country Club?

One Main Thing:

That's up to debate with the locals. Regardless of which is the best, most of these roads do one major thing, and that is: they eliminate heavy main roads or parts we try to avoid at all costs.

Check The Shortcuts Out Below

Check out this list and see if you discover something new. Maybe you never knew you could go from Mockingbird to HEB in just moments and without any heavy traffic or main roads.

Next time you're looking to save some time off your commute, try these different shortcut roads in Victoria!

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