A Victoria resident has lost everything in a recent house fire. Walter Blevins of Mission Valley woke up to a home on fire. The Mission Valley house was left to bricks and ashes after the house fire on Tuesday, May 18th. Crossroads Today reported Blevins recalling the night, saying, “My lungs were full, I could taste it in my mouth, and it was just pretty devastating; I care not to go through it again; I pray other people don’t have to,” Belvins said.

Photo Courtesy Janell Kay Langley-Reyes (1)


Blevins escaped with just a pair of shorts and a photograph of his mother. Although materialistic things can be replaced, the memories held within the walls have been burned down and reduced to rubble. The home caught fire after being struck by lightning during this week's storm. As the photos show, the fire destroyed the house and even a  car.

Photo Courtesy Janell Kay Langley-Reyes
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Photo Courtesy Janell Kay Langley-Reyes (2)


A bake sale will be held Saturday, June 12, at Dick’s Food Store in Seadrift; donations and baked goods are welcomed and appreciated. There will be a fish fry in Seadfift on Saturday, June 19, at a location to be announced later. If you would like to make any type of donation, they can be dropped off at 107 Clydesdale, Victoria 77904.

Friends and family are standing by Blevins as he begins to rebuild his life. Benefits and fundraisers have been set up to help Walter restore his quality of life and start new. A Gofundme page has been set up for Walter Blevins; if you would like to donate or learn more, click HERE 

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