Some of you might know Cody Shugart from Victoria. If not, maybe you have heard of 'Not Jim Cantore'? Shughart has brought us a little comedic relief in the past with his 'Not Jim Cantore' weather reports.  However, since we are not in hurricane season he has found another way to spend his free time.  Cody Shugart and his boys have been spending their Sunday evenings preparing food and feeding the hungry.  The act of kindness which has become known as 'Sunday dinner' started back in October and has continued to grow every Sunday.

This past Sunday, Shugart, his boys, and volunteers served over 250 plates of chicken spaghetti plates with green beans and a delicious homemade dessert. Shugart sends a huge thank you to the amazing volunteers and everyone who has donated to keep Sunday dinner rolling. Next Sunday they will do this again!


Cody started this as something to spread positivity and to inspire kindness and love for others.  Cody shares, "It’s something I have thought about for a long time and just started doing it in October. We all have struggles in our lives and different problems. I obviously want people to be able to have a hot meal if they are hungry, but I also want people to know that others truly care" 


Shugart wants his children to grow up knowing service, helping others. He also wants them to know how to be decent and kind to their neighbors. Cody wants his boys to be leaders and to never be afraid to stand up for what they believe is the right thing to do. This will continue as long as Shugart is financially capable of doing it. Thank you, Cody, for this act of kindness in Victoria!


What started out in the H-E-B parking lot has shifted to the Our Lady of Victory Family Center on Sunday evenings.  The 'Sunday Dinner' runs Sunday evening from 4-6 or until the food runs out.  If you would like to volunteer you can join at any time. Just show up on Sundays between 4-6. If you know of anyone in the Crossroads doing random acts of kindness, let us know.

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