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EOM meeting called yesterday to give community COVID updates.

For well over a year now media has been invited to join city and county officials' special EOM meetings at 3 pm to update the community on emergency operations management issues. The topic of these meetings for 2020 and 2021 has almost exclusively been to keep the Crossroads community updated on COVID.

Yesterday, August 26th, a briefing was called again to primarily update the Crossroads on the status of COVID and COVID hospitalizations in Victoria County.

Dr. John McNeill, our community's Public Health Authority, assured citizens that although local hospitals are experiencing a stressed demand for COVID rooms, he offered that, "Hospitals are stressed but they can still take care of you."

On Monday, August 30th, Dr, John McNeill will be featured on the Townsquare Extra Victoria Report discussing the latest data in COVID throughout the Crossroads. You can hear Townsquare Extra, Victoria Report on all of our Townsquare stations on Sunday mornings.

In case you missed the LIVE briefing yesterday you can view it here. Be sure to give the video a moment to download.

Other guests speaking at the briefing included Ashley Strevel, Director of Communication and Public Affairs for the City of Victoria, who offered first and foremost that she wanted to address a question the city receives frequently regarding local mask orders stating that " We are under Gov. Abbott orders" and we will not be issuing different mandates. She suggested that if you can receive more information by visiting gov.texas.gov for more information.

David Gonzales, Director of the Victoria Public Health Department, offers that " We are now seeing 60 new cases a day, which is a tenfold increase to what we saw in June." He offers that being vaccinated can help protect you from contracting the highly contagious Delta variant.

We will continue to keep you posted on any new updates. 

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