Congratulations to Lt. J. Turner, SPO A. Banda, and SPO L. Guajardo of the Victoria Police Department for graduating from the prestigious Texas DPS Fitness Institute!

What is the DPS Fitness Institute? The DPS Fitness Insitute is an extensive six-week course that combines classroom lectures and various workouts. This academically rigorous course prepares individuals in becoming certified personal trainers as well as Physical Fitness Instructors and Testers for DPS as well as outside agencies.  What does this program entail? Basic Anatomy and Physiology; Exercise Leadership and Instruction skills; Strength, Cardiovascular, and Flexibility training principles; Physical Fitness Assessment Protocols; Nutrition Science; and Resiliency Training.

These graduates from the Victoria Police Department will be an integral factor in helping improve and maintain fitness and reduce disease potential within Victoria Police Department  These three individuals will be able provide answers to health and fitness-related questions from colleagues in the field on a regular basis. Furthermore, the graduates often help educate and train Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Personnel by providing physical fitness, nutrition, resilience training, and sleep presentations as well as various workouts

Please visit the Victoria Police Department website to report a crime, submit tips, and view crime reports.

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