Victoria Public Library's FUN FEST is virtual this summer!

June 1st kicked off the Victoria Public Library's FUN FEST 2020. During the summer, the Victoria Public Library offers an annual youth reading program but this year will be a little different, this year it's all virtual! It's actually an exciting new way to reach more youth as more opportunity awaits youth ages 1 to 17 on VPL's Facebook and Zoom pages. They can stay home, read, interact, and participate all online!

There is something for youth almost every day of the week in June and July so please take the time to peruse their calendar and mark yours!

Events like this one on Wednesday, June 10th. Mad Science Virtual Performance at 2pm.  "Ever wanted to be a mad scientist? Well now's your chance! Mad Science returns to the Victoria Public Library to perform virtual experiments featuring chemical reactions, bubbling potions, and a wild sense of adventure. This event is free and open to all ages!" says the VPL website followed by, "This event will be streamed via Zoom. We will provide the password to the performance at least 24 hours before the event."

And what about, Teen Escape Room? This starts Monday, June 15th at 2pm and lasts all summer. "Can you crack the code? Test your mettle against VPL's Virtual Escape Room! All summer long, the escape room will be live. Navigate through the clues to make your way out of our virtual locked room and emerge the victor!" Again, according to VPL, "This event will be streamed via Zoom. We will provide the password to the performance at least 24 hours before the event"

What about the weekly Facebook Creation Challenge, scheduled for June 16th at 1 pm? " We want to see your creations! Join us at 1 PM on our Facebook Page for a live video to learn what your challenge is this week. Then, create something that fits the challenge and post it in the comments below!" VPL offers.

And what a great offering these are! This is a fantastic way to keep kids of all ages entertained and engaged! Thank you to Victoria Public Library for thinking out of the box and continuing with your excellent programming for kids of all ages! Even big kids! That article is coming around the corner.

In the meantime to find out more about the Victoria Public Library Virtual FUN FEST 2020 just visit the VPL by visiting their happening Facebook page here. Or you can call them at 361.485.3302.

Happy Virtual Summer!

* Don't forget, during the pandemic, the Victoria Public Library waved all late fees, but now that the library is back open ( still with limited hours) late fees apply again.

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