Last week, residents in the Crossroads were watching the Gulf of Mexico for a 'tropical disturbance.'  The original forecast was for a 'possible' Tropical Depression. Hurricane Hanna made landfall as a Category 2 Hurricane with sustained winds of 90 MPH, just 15 miles north of Port Mansfield, Texas on Saturday evening at 5 PM. While Victoria and the Crossroads was well north of the center of the storm, we still had some tropical force winds with gust of 40 MPH in Victoria, Port O'Connor, and Rockport. There was a total of 1.33 inches of rain reported at the Victoria Airport according to the National Weather Center.

While Victoria dodged a Hurricane bullet, one Victoria resident decided to make the best of the situation. Cody Shugart posted 6 funny video reports of the 'landfall' for Hurricane Hanna with the hashtag #notcantore. Check them out for a good laugh.



Update #1 as Hurricane Hanna approaches the 'Shurgart Shack'


Update #2 Hurricane Hanna rolls in and there are kids on the swings

Update #3 #Notcantore is coming to you from the scary zone.  He gives his insights into how hurricanes work

Update #4 Debris on the road at the Shugart Shack

Update #5 #Notcantore holds on for dear life

Update #6 The heat wave follows the storm.

Thanks Cody for a little comedic relief :).


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