Deliciously devastating news struck November 30th at 10:30 am and word traveled fast. Noots Thai Kitchen announced they would be closing their doors, and the community about fell out its chair.

Victoria Loves Good Food

Noots has transformed Victoria into a Thai food-loving society. I'm convinced I can actually taste the love they make their food with. With massive entrees and deliciously authentic appetizers, this place has been a hit for years.

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The Sad Announcement

Sadly, the popular restaurant announced on their Facebook page they would be closing their doors. Some see the light at the end of the tunnel with their "UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE" message. However, the community is heartbroken and hungry!

Comments began to populate the post. People are saddened by the news. One user wrote, "WORST NEWS EVER!!!" many more posted comments hoping the close is only temporary.

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A Local Favorite

Definitely a favorite among locals and for good reason. The food is fresh, healthy, and made to order. The worst part about the closure is the interior of the restaurant just had a massive makeover.

Noots has been going through a tough time finding kitchen staff, especially cooks. The want from the community is there, however, with minimal staff, they had to make a hard decision to close up shop.

Shoot Your Shot

Hopefully, the community can rally together and help find a solution. If you are hard-working, dependable, and looking for work it couldn't hurt to shoot them a message. We have a workforce out there in the community that can help bring this amazing local spot back to life.

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