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Victoria's Splash Pads Have Opened Again for Water Fun!

"The Victoria Community Center splash pad located at  211 N. Ben Wilson St. is open once again, and Victoria’s youngest residents are invited to come to splash around in the fountains and get doused by the giant baseball bucket," Victoria Parks and Recreation wants the community to know.

Looking for something for the family to do? Brings the Kids to the Splash Pads.

Victoria Parks and Recreation
Victoria Parks and Recreation

Crossroads Kids Are Invited to Splash At the Splash Pads for Free!

“We know that splash pads are an important resource for residents and their families, which is why we do everything we can to keep them open and only close due to safety issues,” said Parks & Recreation Director Jason Alfaro. “We are excited to be able to invite residents back to the Community Center splash pad to have fun while staying cool.”

Victoria Parks and Recreation
Victoria Parks and Recreation

More ways to stay cool

The Lone Tree Creek splash pad, 4009 E. Airline Road, is also open too!

Parks & Recreation has a partnership with the local YMCA that allows nonmembers to swim at the YMCA at certain times. For information about prices and schedules, visit ymcagoldencrescent.org.

Just press the button!

A child-height rubber pole shaped like a baseball bat with a button on it. Opens in new window

attachment-Screenshot 2023-06-22 100546

Just in case you need to know, you can activate the splash pad by pressing the oversized button on the bat because Victoria’s splash pads are activated by a push-button system that turns off when the splash pad is not in use. If the water is not running, residents should press the activator button.

The button for the Lone Tree Creek splash pad is located near the gate.

The Community Center splash pad has two buttons: one near the gate and one on the other side of the splash pad.

For more information about Victoria Parks & Recreation facilities, visit www.victoriatx.gov/parks.


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