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VIDEO: Even San Antonio firefighters had to fight off neighborhood dogs with tools after they mauled an elderly man to death. Neighbors capture the scene on video. 

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Such a sad story out of Texas as a family mourns the loss of their father and grandfather, a husband in his 80s who was taking his wife to visit friends when a neighbor's dogs attacked him and ended his life.

And, this was not the first time the dogs were known to attack! 

81-year-old, Roman Najera, was killed trying to fight off the dogs who were also attacking his 74-year-old wife.

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The dogs were identified as American Staffordshire terriers.

Neighbors were infuriated telling authorities that this is not the first time these dogs have attacked people in their neighborhood.

But that is not all.

The dogs were so out of control and unresponsive to authority that even after the SA EMS arrived at the horrific scene, they were unable to stop the dogs without multiple authorities to help them.

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Newsweek offers this gripping statement, "During their efforts, one of the EMS Captains was bitten on his leg by one of the dogs. That was after fighting them and scaring them off with pick axes!


San Antonio Animal Care Services considered the attack so violent they took a total of three dogs away in connection with the incident and euthanized them.

Bad dogs or bad owners?

The owner of the dogs, Christian Alexander Moreno, 31, of San Antonio, was arrested and faces a felony charge of "attack by dangerous dog causes death" and a felony charge of "injury to an elderly."

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