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With just a few weeks into the 2021 school year, Victoria Independents School District is at a literal crossroads.

Just released in the last hour, VISD had offered a letter on its social media pages such as Facebook, written by VISD Superindent Dr. Quintin Shepherd, which you click on here to read in detail or read below offering that a choice has to be made now regarding students wearing masks on VISD campuses.

According to the letter, there are two options for students attending VISD.

Choosing to require students to wear masks or risk having to close campuses and possibly go back to remote learning for some campuses.

Dr. Shepherd explains,

"We are at a breaking point at VISD due to the rapid spread of COVID. We are facing a shutdown of several campuses due to lack of staff to supervise students. The quality of education and safety of the environment we can provide students becomes further compromised with each passing day.

We have a decision to make.

" Both choices are hard," Dr. Shepherd writes. He then adds that " For every email, I receive demanding we mask up, I receive an equal amount that says we shouldn't consider masking."

What are our choices?

To paraphrase the letter, there are two choices.

Choice 1: Make mask-wearing mandatory for a few weeks to see if the masks help to keep COVID numbers at bay or

Choice 2: Not require mask-wearing and risk campus closures.

Dr. Shepherd then offers that the purpose of the letter he has sent is to make sure everyone is aware of the current situation and the choices ahead that must be made.

You can make your opinion and thoughts known by offering your comments in the Facebook posts below or by emailing VISD here.

We'd love to know how you feel about the potential for mask-wearing to be mandated on VISD campuses now that we are seeing an increase in COVID numbers for school-age children.

Our hearts and thoughts are with students and staff and administration. 

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