I heard whispers in the last few days about a new art movement in Victoria. Today is the official soft opening so to speak.

Introducing the Victoria Initiative for Visual Arts, spearheaded by our very own, Alana Sharp, area artist, art instructor and Children's Art Coordinator for the Victoria Art League.

"The vision mind is an art collaborative with the City of Victoria and Victoria County to bring beauty, hope and resilience, to our city and surrounding communities." She continues, " We aim to begin with strategic painted murals but we quickly have in mind to expand to 2D and 3D media. We're talking about as far as the imagination can wander." Alana offers smiling.


"We're working on a big surprise coming in the weeks ahead to showcase our vision for Victorians!" Alana teases.

Since I'm currently begging Alana to let me a part of the committee, after hearing VIVA's game plan and big debut idea, I get to give you guys THE FIRST hint for what's to come... It's relative to Victoria...Think olive oil! Wait, that's two hints!

Businesses, especially in the downtown area, have already begun reaching out to VIVA to work with them on a Downtown Victoria Art Walk event for the near future. Hopefully this means later in the summer of 2020 or Fall depending on city mandates.

"We have so much to offer the community, and announcing the presence and intention of VIVA is just the first step in what we hope will be the latest in the art movement for Victoria." Alana says.

You don't need to pay any fees or become a member at this time.

"Right now the only requirement is a willingness to collaborate with area businesses and the City of Victoria on the subject and themes of the first phase; the murals." Alana offers.

"The process for screening for art goes one of two ways: Either the artist finds a space he or she sees a vision for, takes a picture of it and presents the mural idea they have to VIVA and the property owner when applicable OR the city and area businesses have a need and present the space to a VIVA artist. Right now we are looking for public and private entities and spacing for those who are interested in joining us. Artists of all discipline are also invited."

Since VIVA is still in its infancy right now you can reach out personally to Alana Sharp with questions, and suggestions and of course your art ideas or needs to her Facebook page as she and the VIVA committee get ready to bring VIVA to the forefront of our Victoria art community!

VIVA la Victoria! Click here to contact Alana.

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