Social Media Outrage After Walmart Awards Employees with 55 Cent Ramen

Nothing says "thanks for all your hard work" like a cheap bowl of instant ramen from a multi-billion dollar company.

The now-deleted post shows Walmart employees receiving packets of 55-cent ramen as a form of appreciation, sparking a wave of outrage among social media users.


Critics argue that for a company of Walmart's stature, such a token of appreciation seems not only inadequate but also disrespectful.

Corporate Insensitivity

The video, which surfaced on TikTok, quickly spread across various social media platforms. It shows a Walmart manager handing out packets of ramen noodles to employees. The narrator sarcastically comments on the situation, highlighting the low cost of the noodles compared to Walmart's multi-billion-dollar profits.

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The company shared a photo captioning it, “Brr it’s cold outside. We appreciate our associates for braving the cold to be here. Stay warm with some ramen noodle soup and crackers.” 

Public Backlash

Social media users were quick to express their disgust, with many calling the gesture tone-deaf and indicative of a broader issue of corporate insensitivity to employee welfare. "In a time where inflation and living costs are soaring, Walmart's choice to reward its employees with something so trivial is not only insulting but also highlights the disconnect between corporate executives and their employees," one Twitter user commented.

Walmart's Response

Walmart has yet to issue a formal response to the backlash. However, insiders suggest that the gesture was intended to be light-hearted and not a formal representation of the company's appreciation for its employees.

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