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Exhibition Vs Match

I feel like I need to verse myself in ALL sports now that I'm a radio DJ, and not knowing much about boxing, I thought it would be a good idea to pay for this 'Mayweather VS Paul' boxing match I kept hearing about.

Of the two boxers, I only knew Mayweather by name. I had no clue who Logan Paul was, but I did know my friends and family who are versed in boxing had STRONG feelings about this match. I mean exhibition.

I had no clue about the difference between an 'exhibition' versus a boxing 'match', but after paying for and watching the Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul exhibition last night, I want my money back. Here is why. I'm so confused. Who won?

Now that I've seen the pre-hype, paid the PPV fee, and watched it all go down, I think I might have gotten scammed.

Mayweather VS Paul


Of course, this is all in jest. I was on my tippy toes for all eight rounds praying that neither of them got knocked out. Just like when I watch a football game and root for both teams, I was not the most popular guest in the living room! It was worth the money NOT to see anyone get their lights knocked out!

I will say, for what these gentlemen presumably made from this exhibition match, I'd get in the ring with Mayweather. Wait, Paul, I mean.

No wait, who won this match?

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