Do you still have old phone numbers stuck in your head from years ago?

Well, we do too and we decided to call one of them just for fun.

Here's how it went.

Okay, first the back story... DJ JP wrote a fun article and gallery post last week titled, " You Know You're From Victoria When" and Victorians responded. In a BIG way!  Listeners responded with hilarious comments like, " We're all related to Gary," referring to beloved Victoria icon, Brother Gary Moses.

Also on a listener response was " You remember calling 575. 2311." For those of you who call Victoria home, you know 575.2311 was the number for up to the minute Time and Temperature. Turns out, it STILL IS!

As reader responses were read on air today, JP commented " Who ever has that number now must hate it!" Well, it occurred to DJ Ingra Lee that the number might in fact, still work. The dilemma was whether to dial it and risk irritating the person on the other end. Well, sure enough, the number still works AND it's still the same number for time and temperature!

You do have to listen to an ad for over a minute in order to hear the current temp and time, but it's worth it for nothing else but to wax nostalgia!

Now, to convince the mall to put the carousal back and for the powers that be' to rename the high schools, if just for ONE game to Stingarees and the Raiders.

Here is JP's original article and responses;


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