Texas beaches have recently added a new addition to their coastline. Tar balls have been popping up along Texas beaches and have people puzzled.

What the Heck is a Tar Ball?

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According to Brandon Hill, Galveston's coastal resources manager, the tar originates from the oil that seeps from the surface of the Gulf of Mexico due to natural or man-made processes and then floats in the Gulf currents." Once those blobs of tar get baked in the sun they harden and bio-fouled eventually making what we call tar balls

Why Are They on the Beaches?

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So after gulf activity, like a storm or bad weather, the tar can drift onto gulf coast beaches, which is what is happening right now. Storms can "stir up tar that's previously settled in the Gulf and cause it to eventually move it towards places like beaches.' Hill confirms as of now there is no need for panic nor is it at a dangerous point to call in a clean-up crew.

But They Are Ugly

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While tar balls may not be the most appealing to the eye, they pose no hazard. Hill also took time to mention the tar balls are only dime to quarter-sized in most areas and The material being observed is a dime to quarter-sized and while they are an eyesore, the number of balls washed up on shore is no more than what is observed in the Gulf.

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