What is Victoria 2045?

In a nutshell Victoria 2045 is a plan for Victoria County's transportation future.

Behind the scenes MPO employees are working diligently with city and county officials along with stakeholders, like you, to develop a comprehensive transportation plan that serves the community and boosts the economy.

This twenty- five year plan centers around the safe and efficient movement of goods and people for all modes of transportation in Victoria. Maggie Bergeron from the Victoria Metropolitan Planning Organization or MPO offers her thoughts on the future of transportation in Victoria. "We have a really positive outlook for the future, we've got projects like "Interstate 69", Boulevard Houston Highway and "Sidewalk On Main" in the plans and many more, a total of seventeen projects planned for the next twenty-five years. The benefits to plans like this include increasing economic opportunities while and connecting Victoria with the rest of Texas."

Some of the short term plans include two year projects such as installing sidewalks, lighting and a center median down Navarro from the loop to Airline!

Maggie offers that community input is crucial. "Our MTP, or Metropolitan Transportation Plan is a direct reflection of your needs and priorities. We want to create a transportation plan that truly connects and serves our community. We can't do this without your feedback."

You can hear more about Victoria 2045, the Metropolitan Transportation Plan and the Metropolitan Planning Organization on The Victoria Report, Townsquare Edition hosted by JP and Ingra Lee featuring special guest Maggie Bergeron Sunday, 7:30 am on KIXS108.

"The MPOs have worked really hard on our MTP plan and we really want to make sure it serves the best interest of the community members. Let us know your thoughts and interests while we continue to improve Victoria's transportation, sidewalks, roadways and public transportation, just to list a few of the ways we serve our community. We want to hear from you."

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