What You Can Do For Fun If It Rains On July 4th, and... It Might

What's the chance of rain?

According to local weather reports today, it looks like there is an 87% chance of rain Sunday. 

elephant and dog sit under the rain
Mike Kiev

Poo!!! There is a chance it might rain on the 4th of July this year and that means 'Plan B' for some of us.

Wait, what? You don't have a plan B if it rains?

Well, that's okay you happen to be reading in the right place. We can help you with a few ideas on how you and your family can still have a good time, even if it's drenched outside.

On a side note, whoever has been praying for rain ( or rain dancing) lately, you can take a break now! 

We've created a list of several things you can do to celebrate the holiday indoors and we've included videos too.


Plan B baby! 

Rainy Day July 4th Things to Do

 Voila! It's July 4th indoors! Have a safe one!

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