So over the weekend, I had a chance to try the honey-butter chicken biscuit at Whataburger for the first time. I know, I haven't lived until now!

I must say, next to H-E-B, has anyone been more clutch through all these changes than Whataburger? Every time I go past their location on Navarro they have always been open. Now, while the honey-butter chicken biscuit does cause some controversy when you mention it, it was awesome. Friends have told me the honey butter chicken biscuit used to be a bigger sandwich. I can not find any evidence to support this. Did it actually come with 3 chicken strips on it instead of just 1?

As I dove into this bad boy over the weekend I happened to be scrolling through my phone only to be shown a photo of the Trisha Ruiz who lives outside of Fort Worth and is the proud owner of the authentic Whataburger chicken coop you see at the top of the article. This is amazing! I had never seen or heard of this before. For about 5 minutes, I was convinced that THIS must be the place where all Whataburger Honey Chicken Biscuits must come from.

Trisha moved to the outskirts of Fort Worth a couple of years back and her main concern was that she no longer had a Whataburger within walking distance of her new home. Her husband quickly built up a custom chicken coop made to look like a Whataburger restaurant. The Star-Telegram dives into her background here.

The build took several months, then came the search for just the right color paint. Then the accents and outfits for the chickens themselves. In the end, we are left with the ultimate Whatachicken Coop! Not long after the story caught on Whataburger sent a camera crew out to check out what the Ruiz family had created. Many of those photos are part of the video above.

Now every time I go past a Whataburger or think of the honey-butter chicken biscuit, I imagine the chickens must have lived in Trisha's coop before becoming a tasty breakfast for some lucky Texan. It's the perfect fit!

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