While on The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show family vacation, Kellie Rasberry learns of her new husband's big purchase while she's away!

What was going to be kept a secret came out! Kellie's husband Allen purchased a Slingshot, it's like a big three-wheeled, glorified motorcycle! Kellie wasn't really okay with this because they hadn't talked about it before in detail, apparently in passing. Well, Allen said they talked about it and he went and got one in a color that they're not going to be making next year! Apparently they recently went out and purchased a mini van because of the size of the blended family now and Allen already has a Porsche for a weekend car and now this!

The dilemma becomes where to park it! There's not even room in the garage for the mini van to fit! Oh, the first world problems of this couple! Listen to hear how not so thrilled Kellie is about this big new purchase in today's best of audio clip.

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