With Labor Day right around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about burgers. Then again, anytime is the right time to talk about burgers with me LOL.

There have been many local places that have served amazing burgers that are no longer in Victoria.  The Texas Drive Inn, Rajun Cajun, S & J's in Victoria Mall, RJ's, and then there was that one that sat in the parking lot of Krogers, I can't remember the name. LOL.  Talk about the good ole days and some great memories. I know there are a lot that I missed, but those are the ones I can remember at this moment.

Two burger joints have stood the test of time and still stand today in Victoria, Dairy Treet, and Moo Moo.  Dairy Treet is located across the street from another Victoria icon, Dicks Food Store.  Alongside delicious burgers, Dairy Treet was privileged enough to serve the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Moo Moo now has two locations! Have you tried the M.O.A.B. ( Mother Of All Burgers)?

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My favorite burger is double meat, double cheese, mustard, mayo, onions. and jalapenos on a toasted bun. Of course, Whataburger is always on point, however, the better question would be who has the best burgers in town?   Help us out, vote below!  Choose one, or add your selection, if you don't see it.


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