A violent and hostile young man murdered his manager while leaving work in Dallas, Texas.

22-year-old Marc Leon clocked in for his shift at Wingstop on Monday. During his shift something transpired that led his supervisor to make a decision.

While working, Leon was asked by 19-year-old Christopher Govea, to leave early. However, things did not go smoothly, and as Leon left his shift early, he pulled out a pistol and shot at Govea.

Officers from the Dallas Police Department quickly rushed to the Wingstop location around 7:30 pm Monday after receiving a call about gunshots being fired at the fast-food location.

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When police arrived they discovered Govea on the ground, shot dead. Another employee was also injured by gunshots and was taken to the hospital, where he is reported to be stable.

While analyzing the scene, investigators discovered that Leon and Govea had gotten into an argument during their shift. Govea's older sister, Ruby, said he had just started working at Wingstop, "He was a new worker. He had like a week or two weeks of working there."


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