A Disturbing Scene

A Texas woman has been arrested after police found a very disturbing and heartbreaking scene when responding to a call. Chief Terry Wooten of the Electra Police Department reported that law enforcement was sent to an apartment complex after a report of flies and a foul odor was flowing out of a unit's open window.

Animal Controlled Called

The resident whose apartment was under investigation was a
Susan Que Smith. In early December animal control officers were sent out to her apartment on a complaint of a dog continuously barking all day.

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Something Was Wrong

The Electra Police Department was notified by the animal control officer of something disturbing. The animal control officer was unable to get a response when he visited Smith's apartment however there was something noticeably wrong. Police were told there was a window cracked open that had flies flowing out of it and a very foul odor coming from the apartment.

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Very Foul Odor Concern

Chief Wooten along with other officers went over to check the concerning reports. Unfortunately, when approaching Smoth's apartment there was no response again, that's when officers took things into their own hands after being concerned about the very foul odor.

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Entering a Crime Scene

They Entered the apartment to find a very disturbing scene. They quickly realized where the odor and flies were coming from. Right in the hallway of the apartment, there was a decomposing body. There was a blanket and trash bag covering the body but it was very obviously in plain sight.

Resident and Child Walk In

Just as the officers were examining the ordeal, Sue Que Smith and her 11-year-old daughters walked in. She immediately asked officers why they were in her apartment.

Sue admitted the decomposing body was actually the father of her daughter, Allen Wies, and she had not reported his death because he was not supposed to be in the apartment and she didn't want to get evicted.

Decomposing For Weeks

More details poured out. Weist had actually been there for three to four weeks decomposing in their hallway. Police acted swiftly and Chief Wootson had an arrest warrant issued and Smith was taken into custody and jailed.

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Unlivable Apartment

The arrest affidavit declared that the apartment was “unlivable.” Details of the living conditions were noted as well. Aside from a decomposing body, there were also multiple buckets of human waste, rotten food, and trash littering the apartment.

Smith was booked into the Wichita County Jail on Jan. 18. Her bond has been set at $7,500.

CPS Was Called

As for Smith's 11-year-old daughter, she was taken to a nearby hospital due to concerns about infected sore from bed bugs. Ultimately the child was taken into CPS custody because of the conditions her mother allowed her to live in.

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