A distressing crime left the small town of Ballinger, Texas, in mourning after a malicious man was captured on Tuesday, March 5, facing a murder charge linked to the death of his wife. 


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Ballinger Police Department was called out to conduct a welfare check at the home of Mary Barke. When officers arrived they made a grueling discovery: Mary Barker was dead in her home, sparking an immediate investigation into the circumstances surrounding her tragic death.

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After a quick investigation, Barker's 45-year-old James Boyette Barker, was arrested for the murder of his wife James Barker is now being held in the Runnels County Jail as the investigation continues to unravel the sequence of events that spiraled in this shocking incident.

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 Mary Barker's untimely death has not only left her friends and family grappling with immense sorrow but also raised pressing concerns about domestic safety.

Most violent towns in Texas.

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What could transform a bustling city into a hotspot for crime, leaving its residents and visitors to navigate through a landscape marred by violence and property crimes? 


Economic differences, lack of sufficient law enforcement, insufficient social services, and the prevalence of illegal activities can all play significant roles in elevating a city's crime rates. 

In Texas, a state known for its diverse environments, the issue of violence in its cities is particularly concerning. From property crimes to violent offenses, certain cities stand out for their alarming crime statistics. 

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