When June Gregg finds something that works for her, she sticks with it.

The Chillicothe, Ohio woman, who recently turned 100, has defied the volatile nature of today's financial world by using the same savings account at the same bank since 1913.

Gregg recently told a friend about the unusual fact, so the folks at her bank, Huntington National, did some research after they got wind of the stat. They confirmed her claim and also said her account number changed only once, the result of an ownership change at the bank in the 1980s.

So dedicated to the account is Gregg that she actually still has the book she received when her father opened the account for her with $6.13 at the plainly named Savings Bank. She said her father tried to preach the importance of handling money, adding, "That's what he always taught us: to stay out of debt and save our money and not buy anything until we had the money to pay for it."

Gregg has managed her account pretty well. She retired in 1976 and still has enough to get by.

And the bank is showing its gratitude to Gregg for being the most loyal of loyal customers. It threw her a birthday party and will increase the interest rate in her account for the next 100 days to nearly five percent. Hey, that beats a toaster, right?

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