A Texas woman had her eyes gouged, stabbed multiple times, and burnt with a cigarette after threatening to kick her husband out.


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Moody, Texas police were called out to a bloody scene after Trey Calvin Williams tried killing his wife. According to the victim, the two had been arguing over the past few weeks. However, on July 12th she kicked Williams out, and that's when he lunged at her.

Williams got ahold of the victim and vigorously pushed his thumbs into her eyes causing her to, “temporarily lose her vision, sending a stabbing and shooting pain radiating through her eyes and her face.”


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As her vision returned she noticed blood flowing into her eyes. Startled, she begged Williams to stop because “she loved him," however Williams replied, “I love you, too, but there’s no coming back from this.”

The victim began screaming as Williams began stabbing her. Her son heard screaming and quickly rushed in to see what was happening; that's when he saw Williams on top of his mother. His mother yelled, " He’s stabbing me. He’s stabbing me. Go get your grandad.”


Her son added, that Williams “showed no emotion or concern in his eyes." Williams turned back to his wife and put out his cigarette on her head. Her son and father were able to wrestle Williams off of her but he soon took another dark turn.


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When police arrived, Williams was in the backyard with a knife in his hand. They demanded he put down the knife, to which he replied, “Nope... I can’t be helped. I lost the love of my life. He then “fell forward, placing the handle of the knife against the ground, landing full force on the blade of his knife with what appeared to be his eye.”

Once he fell he appeared to have a seizure. Williams was flown to a hospital for his injuries and then charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and family violence. Three knives and a bloody pair of scissors were recovered at the scene. Thankfully, the victim survives and believes if he father and son had not intervened she would have been killed.

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