Incredible things happen at 611 E. Warren Street in Victoria.

It is truly better to give than to receive, and you can be a part of the incredible things that happen at 611 East Warren St. in Victoria.

It's in the spirit of giving that people experience what it's like to follow in Christ's footsteps as they volunteer to help feed and provide for the homeless at Christ's Kitchen.

"Christ’s Kitchen exists to provide one hot meal per day to the homeless and the hungry, without judgment, Monday through Saturday, 11:00-1:00 as well as to meet other needs as resources permit," Christ's Kitchen offers as their mantra and mission.

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This year, we would like to invite you to be a part of the giving during the 4th Annual Christmas at Christ's Kitchen Event. Now is your greatest opportunity to give to those in need and to serve in Christ's spirit during this incredible annual event.

Photo provided by M. Rivera TSM/Facebook
Photo provided by M. Rivera TSM/Facebook

The goal for this year is to provide 250 gift packages filled with hygiene and warmth for those in need.

Christ Kitchen will also need volunteers to feed those in need on December 10th as well.

Christ's Kitchen Christmas Dinner is spearheaded by Townsquare Media Director of Sales Melissa Rivera.

Melissa offers, "I would like to invite you, your business or your team to help with our 4th annual Christmas Dinner at Christ Kitchen. It will be a drive and walk thru pick up experience and we expect over 250 participants, giving those of us who are blessed, multiple opportunities to provide for those who are not.

If you or your business would like more information, or want to schedule a time to volunteer feel free to call Melissa Rivera at 573.0777 at Townsquare Media or call Christ Kitchen at 578-4233


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