Hong Kong Airlines recently announced that their cabin crew are now fully trained in the Wing Chun form of martial arts. The airline began the initiative to train its in-flight staff in March 2011, in a bid to handle unruly passengers.

Wing Chun, which according to legend was created by a woman, focuses on enhancing general well being, reinforcing physical health and mental wellness training. The training is primarily for self defense, and the moves are designed to be accomplished in restrictive spaces.

Here is a commercial to promote the airline and their trained fight flight attendants.

While we commend the effort, we couldn’t help but be amused by Hong Kong Airlines’ president stating the benefits of Wing Chun as: “Aside from the obvious physical, mental and safety benefits, this demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional passenger service.”

Hong Kong Airlines — Exceptional passenger service and the occasional chop to the face when you ask for an extra pillow.

[Via Luxury Travel Magazine]