Dumb Criminals

Houston Man Shot Over Cold Taco
Some people are pretty serious about their tacos. A Houston television station reported that a woman shot her boyfriend over a dispute about a cold taco.
According to a report from KTRK-TV, a man and a woman were getting tacos from a taco truck in north Houston and, when the woman's taco was served c…
Dumb Criminals-Houston Family Dollar Burglar Fail
So, you had this great idea to break into a Houston Family Dollar Store. You came up with this ingenious plan to climb up on the roof of the building and crawl through the ceiling. Pretty slick, right? Not so fast, genius.
Woman Keeps Getting Naked at Ice Park
Usually when people wanna see some exposed skin, they satisfy their craving by heading to a nude beach to rudely leer from behind sunglasses, or they visit their favorite porn site, weepy and alone in their basement on Saturday night. (Both hypotheticals, of course.) A nude beach and the internet ar…
Couple Arrested After Raunchy PDA in Walmart
Sometimes, when a man and a woman really love each other, they choose to express that love in certain ways. For instance, after a year or two of dating, a couple might move in together.  As things progress, they might get engaged, marry and have children.  If their relationship is really s…
Drunken Florida Man Has Best Mug Shot Ever
Since no one takes a pretty mug shot, why not make it a memorable one? That seems to have been the line of thought for a man from Florida (of course) who channeled Gene Simmons as officers held his head in place to take his booking photo.

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