When I was in the first grade, my teacher told me that it's illegal to pick bluebonnets in Texas because they're our state flower. That stuck with me because I was one gullible, paranoid kid. It wasn't until a few years later that I realized I'd been had.

There are plenty of myths about the Lone Star State that even those of us who've lived here our entire lives have somehow been duped into believing, either by our parents, teachers, or other Texans either having fun with us or legitimately convinced themselves.

Not only is it not illegal to pick bluebonnets in Texas, but people have been doing it for ages so they can press the flowers and make arts and crafts. In fact, that's how the myth was dispelled for me. My fourth grade teacher took us bluebonnet gathering behind the school so we could press flowers as a class project. I was still looking over my shoulder though and waiting for the cops to come haul me off.

(Note: It is illegal to destroy plant life while visiting our state parks, so it's not a good idea to pick bluebonnets at any of them.)

It's weird how these funny myths stick with us, but there are myths that outsiders believe about us that we know are just plain ridiculous, like the idea that we're all trotting around on horses and working on oil rigs.

Let's take a look at 10 myths about Texas that some natives and outsiders continue to believe despite having the power of Google at their fingertips. They range from silly and amusing to downright ignorant and a little insulting.

10 Myths About Texas That Even Some Natives Believe

Everything's bigger in Texas, including the tall tales! Our state can seem pretty strange to people from far away, or even our immediate neighbors. There are several myths about Texas that range from quirky to fun and just plain ignorant and insulting, and even some people born and raised her believe 'em. Here are a few we can dispel today.

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