This year marks the 30th anniversary of a fallen hero here in the Crossroads. Deputy Sheriff David Castillo was only 31 when he ended his watch.

According to his memorial page, Castillo was killed as he responded to an officer needing an assist call. On his way to the location, his patrol car lost control in the rain and crashed, causing him to be pinned inside.

During the rescue attempt, his patrol car caught on fire; unable to rescue Castillo in the flames, he pushed his co-workers away, saving them from any harm or being engulfed in flames themself.


Richard Castillo (2)

To honor this courageous fallen brother in blue, family and friends have organized a giant parade to keep the memory of this selfless protector alive.
The parade will start on Sunday, April 11th, at 9 am. Beginning at the Harley Davidson Caliente, 7230 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX, 78245 and will end right here in the hero's hometown of Victoria.

Richard Castillo

Along with a parade, a food drive for Christ Kitchen has also been organized in Fallen Duty Sheriff Castillo's memory. Located at 611 E Warren Ave in Victoria family is asking for donations that can be dropped off or brought to the parade. Family and friends described Castillo as a kindhearted protector who would give anybody the shirt off his back, so a food drive for our local Soup Kitchen would be something in line with his character.


Argelia Castillo
Argelia Castillo (1)

The family has created beautiful programs with photos of David and his lovely daughter, who, sadly, he never got to meet. "Unfortunately, you were taken from us three months before your beautiful daughter was born. You would be oh so proud of her" Deputy Chief of Bexar County.

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