In Texas, there are some things you just can't drop in the mail. From fireworks to firearms and other hazardous stuff, let's dive into what items are totally off-limits to send through the postal service. Keep it safe and legal!

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Firearms can only be mailed under very specific conditions and generally require the sender to be a licensed dealer or manufacturer.

Ammunition, Explosives, and Fireworks
Speaking of guns...sending ammunition, explosives, and fireworks through the mail is illegal due to their dangerous nature.

Controlled Substances
This one sounds obvious, but you might be surprised about how overlooked this one restriction is. Aside from illegal drugs, prescription medications without proper documentation and adherence to specific mailing guidelines are restricted.

Mailing alcohol is prohibited under USPS regulations due to state and federal laws regarding its distribution.

Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco
There are strict federal laws and regulations regarding the mailing of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

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Flammable Items
This includes matches, lighter fluid, and certain types of batteries. Restrictions are based on the potential fire hazard.

Hazardous Materials
This broad category includes chemicals, poisons, and certain types of paints and batteries.

Perishable Foods
While not illegal, mailing perishable foods requires adherence to specific guidelines to ensure they do not spoil during transit.



Here is one restriction that you may have never even considered to be on a restricted list.

Plants and Seeds
Restrictions on mailing plants and seeds are often due to agricultural regulations to prevent the spread of pests and diseases.

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