There are a lot of high stress jobs out there and being a school bus driver must be one of them. They have to spend every day taking your kids to the last place they want to go and resist the urge to drive the bus into the heaviest object they can find to get them to behave.

Some, however, must get so stressed out that they lose all sense of sanity. Here are some ways to tell if your driver needs clinical help.

1. He tells the kids to sit down because he can’t tip the bus on two wheels on sharp curves.

2. He refuses to stop because he insists the other cars can’t miss seeing a giant yellow bus.

3. He broke up a fight in the back of the bus without stopping the bus, first.

4. He ran through three stop signs, four red lights and two bus stops before waking up.

5. He insists on speeding because he’s got to get the wounded back to the base before some guy named Charlie catches up to them.

6. He says he won’t stop until he sees a checkered flag.

7. He points the bus towards a lake and screams, “Let’s see how many times we can skip this thing.”

8. When he drops you off for school, he insists you pay his fare of $42.85.

9. He insists that all of his school bus stops were at liquor stores.

10. He picks you up in his VW Bug because he lost the bus.

11. He says he’s the most qualify to drive one because he spent most of the ’60s living in a school bus.

12. He says that if it was illegal to drink and drive, they wouldn’t make school buses with cup holders.