The future, supposedly, is streaming. Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Criterion, Shudder, Tubi, and many more — with HBO Max, Disney+, and Apple TV+ all on the way — every day it gets easier to watch a wide array of movies and TV shows at home.

But even with all those choices, there are many movies and television shows throughout the history of media that are not available for streaming anywhere (at least not legally). Some of those movies and shows are available on home video — or at least they were at some point. And when those discs went out of print, they became pretty valuable.

Curiosity about the state of the collectible home video market in the age of streaming led me down a deep eBay rabbit hole recently, at which point I spent hours tracking recent completed auctions for collectible Blu-rays and DVDs. Despite our streaming future, people are still paying hundreds of dollars — and, in some cases, upwards of four figures, for rare box sets and discs. Here are 15 examples that went for top dollar on eBay just in the last few months. Do you own any of them? If so, you’ve got a valuable item on your hands.

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