In a tragic unfolding of events in Fort Bend County, Texas, the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District (Lamar CISD) is grappling with the sudden loss of two cherished elementary teachers, found deceased on Monday.


Mariana Alba Garcia, who imparted knowledge to fourth graders at Long Elementary School, and Gene Mark Hudgson Sjogreen Jr., a beacon of guidance for third graders at Taylor Ray Elementary, were discovered at a residence in the 23300 block of Darst Field Trail in Richmond. The discovery followed a wellness check conducted by the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office deputies at the home.

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The cause of their deaths remains under investigation. Amidst this sorrowful time, Lamar CISD issued a heartfelt statement, expressing profound grief over the loss of not only esteemed colleagues but cherished friends and educators.

The district highlighted the profound impact both teachers had on numerous lives within the community.

In response to this tragic loss, Lamar CISD has provided guidance and aid for support to students and staff affected by this incident. Counseling services will be available at both Long Elementary and Taylor Ray Elementary once classes resume, alongside a dedicated helpline for students and staff seeking support during this challenging time.

The district's message calls for unity and strength, stressing the collective commitment to uplifting and supporting one another, especially in moments of profound sadness and loss. As the investigation continues, the community stands together, mourning the loss of two individuals who dedicated their lives to education and positively impacting the lives of many.

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