Pumpkin Head Photos

These pumpkin head photo sessions are popping up all over the patch. People are carving out pumpkins and wearing them for some amazing and outrageously funny photos.

Thinking Outside the Pumpkin Patch

Throw a carved pumpkin head-on and you will definitely give them pumpkin to talk about. The best part about these pumpkin head photos is their randomness. Sure you can take a cute one with a cute background, but people are really thinking out of the pumpkin patch.

Random Spots=Hilarious Photos

Pictures of pumpkin heads in shopping carts, in the beer aisles, and even snagging a meal at Whataburger. Honestly, it's pure gold. The more random the location, the better. I mean who wouldn't love to see a pumpkin head hanging out around the laundromat.

There is plenty of Halloween spirit in the air, so don't be surprised if you're doing laundry at midnight and see a pumpkin head handing out in the dryer, just continue about your business, they are just trying to snap some pics for their feed.

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Pumpkin Guts Stuck in Your Hair?

Be sure to throw on your pumpkin head for Halloween too! There are plenty of events around the Crossroads that summons the perfect occasion to wear a pumpkin. Real question though, how do you get all the pumpkin seeds out of your hair?

22 Pumpkin Head Photos in the Crossroads

Anyways, check out these 22 pumpkin heads in the Crossroads and see how random and hilarious they are. Get in the spirit and carve out your own pumpkin and go out to your local favorite spot to snap a few pictures. Be sure to message the station app and send us your best pumpkin head photo!

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