CharlieMac Saturday Drink Specials
Summertime is almost over, and so there wont' be many chances left to enjoy some fantastic summertime drinks. Here are a few that may just keep the summer fire burning bright as you prepare for the fall fun.
Piña Colada Sangria (original source)
1 (750ml) bottle White Wine (ex.…
Happy Girlfriend’s Day!
Okay, time to treat your lady right by showing her how much you appreciate her and care for her and love her. That's right I said love. Whether you love her company, love the way she makes you feel or simply are in love with her, show her how much that love means to you and make this a special …
Strange New Beer Coming Just in Time for St. Patrick’s Day
What's more Irish than drinking a Guinness or a fine Irish whiskey to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? How about a new craft beer that's not from Ireland, but has one of the strangest ingredients ever?
Lucky Charms cereal. Yep, that's right. That cereal we grew up with featuring the Leprechaun with pink …

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