Having being raised in California and continuously flip-flopping between Texas and the West Coast, I have noticed there are more than a couple of different things residents from each state do differently.

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Both states love where they live. Both are loudly political. Both have their own unique sets of ways. Whether you are down south or on the West Coast, you can guarantee they both have amazing food!

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However, Texans have something extremely unique about the great Lone Star state: their speech. Texans have their own little language. Some of the words and phrases may sound like jibberish to the untrained ear, but if you're from here they just make sense.

Of course, there is the all-time favorite and most used word: y'all. I remember when I first moved to California, everyone knew I was from Texas because of the word y'all. It used to make me so embarrassed, but looking back now I think to myself: the word just makes sense!

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Texans also have crazy phrases that go with just about any situation. They also have altered the English language to make it their own. Some words have letters completely removed, others have completely new letters added. It can be a whirlwind if you are new here. No worries, welcome welcome, we can break it down for you.

Just check out these 22 words that are the epitome of the Texas language. Let us know your favorite Texas word or phrase on our Facebook page, we would love to hear them!

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