Things are not looking good for rapper DaBaby. After a very controversial week, DaBaby is learning your bad actions come with consequences. It doesn't matter if you are a famous celebrity, artist, or public figure; you cannot do or say what you want at the expense of others' feelings.

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It is 2021, and we are coming for those who have a lack of respect or tolerance for others. Just ask DaBaby, who has been dropped from four music festivals in just the last week; even Texas has canned the artist.

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For those who may have missed it, DaBaby went off last month at a show in South Florida. He spewed some pretty hateful, insensitive, and homophobic comments during his set. Specific comments have put the A-list rapper in a hot seat with many members of various communities.

According to XXL Magazine, so far, the rapper has been dropped from 4 big festivals. August 1st, the first round of announcements made their way through the internet regarding the removal of the rapper; both U.K.'s Parklife Festival and Lollapalooza addressed the rapper's removal from their event. Additionally, the Governors Ball and Days N Vegas pulled the artist from their lineups the following day, August 2nd.

Now Texas is getting in on canning the Chicago artist. Announced on August 3rd, Austin City Limits revealed they had pulled DaBaby from their setlist directly due to his comments' disrespectful and intolerant nature.

The rapper has quite a history of violence. From slapping a female fan who waved her phone in front of him to his security knocking out another female fan as he walked through a crowd of fans. If you ask me, the rapper should lay low and get his anger and priorities straight.

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