A fire broke out on Padre Island overnight causing multiple crews to respond around 1 AM this morning at Padre Balli Park along Gulf Beach Road.

Nueces County Emergency Services District #2 posted a video of the active fire on social media overnight as help arrived on the scene to try and get the fire under control.

Nueces County ESD #2's Facebook page quickly filled with comments about the fire including a message from a fisherman who was at the Pachery Basin near Padre Balli Park. That person said they were on the sandy side of the park where the 4x4's like to go when he said he saw two starbursts that looked like fireworks. The fisherman said it looked like the fireworks came from the beach and within about 5 minutes he could see the glow of the fire eating up the grass behind the dunes.
In total, firefighters said about 5 acres had burned all together but that the fire was under control again after about an hour. We can all give a big round of thanks to the Nueces County Fire Department along with the crews from Corpus Christi Fire and Port Aransas who helped in the effort. As of Friday morning, there were no injuries reported as a result of this large fire.
Be safe out there, and if you do plan on celebrating the holidays with any fireworks, remember to do so safely and only to use them in areas where fireworks are allowed.
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