Celebrity Bad Boy Transformations

We're all about gender inclusiveness here at PopCrush, which is why when it comes to objectifying celebrity transformations from wholesome young ingenues to sexually-empowered, even rebellious adults, we're not going to let the boys get a free pass. No, sir. That "good girl gone bad" trope? We're ready to flip it on its head and give the guys a turn!

We all know the stories of young actresses and female musicians and singers shocking the world with their "naughty" behavior and "rebellious" acts as they transition from good girls into "bad" girls: the clothes become sexier and more skin gets shown (Lindsay Lohan), the movie roles and song lyrics get raunchier (Selena Gomez), the behavior gets bolder (Miley Cyrus), and in some cases a nude selfie gets thrown into the mix (Vanessa Hudgens). We're not judging though — it's all part of growing up! Well, as a millennial, anyway.

But girls aren't the only ones who go through this phase. Remember when Matthew Lewis, in all his timid, pudgy, pre-teen adorableness, played goodie-two-shoes Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter film series? Or what about sweet little Nick Jonas, all curly-haired and promising chastity while singing about being a "Love Bug"? And don't even get me started on Justin Bieber, who went from a cute pint-sized, guitar-strumming Canadian YouTube phenom to, well, this.

It doesn't take a black leather jacket to made a good boy go bad...but a sexy movie role or a promiscuous selfie certainly helps. And if bad boys are your thing, you're in luck, because we've compiled a list of our favorite good boy gone bad transformations above.

Yeah, you're welcome.

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