This story out of North Texas makes me mad and if you are a pet lover it should make you mad as well!  As reported by, The SPCA of Texas and the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office served a search and seizure warrant on Jan. 9 at a property in Hunt County before removing 87 animals from the property.


The SPCA of Texas received a complaint of animal cruelty referred by the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office and visited the property on  January 7. A dozen dogs were found living outdoors on the property without adequate access to food, water, or shelter. A few dogs were confined to pens, and others roamed the property freely. Inside a home on the property, approximately 60 dogs and 11 cats were found living in feces, urine, and other debris.


A mother dog was also found with her puppies inside of a cardboard box, and additional neonatal puppies were found in another box. An injured cat was found underneath a couch, and a single neonatal kitten was found inside of a box on a stove. Three deceased puppies were found in an abandoned trailer on the property. ALL the animals appeared to be suffering from various health conditions, including eye issues, ear issues, hair loss, and overgrown nails, and several appeared to be underweight. Criminal charges are expected to be filed


the “Safe Outdoor Dogs” Act. goes into effect on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022!    The new law requires dogs to have protection from the elements and a shelter that allows them enough room to turn around and lie down fully. This is long overdue! To add, the dog must have a properly-fitted collar and can’t be restrained with a chain. The new law also eliminates a rule that currently prevents law enforcement from intervening in a situation regarding a dog in illegal conditions for 24 hours.  Click here to learn more!
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