The calendar says May and the weather outside is definitely saying late spring. If you are like us you may have wondered about getting out to Six Flags Fiesta Texas with friends or family as Texas begins to reopen.

Well, If you and your mask are ready to hit the coasters like we are, you'll want to read all about the new social distancing policy that will be in place when the park reopens. shared the specifics on the plan which includes a notification about the park's new policy on social distancing and the plan in place to prevent overcrowding. All of this is per the CDC guidelines, of course.

So, here's the drill. If you want to plan a trip to the park, for now, there is no more packing up the car and heading to Fiesta Texas. Now, you'll need to plan your visit to the park in advance and online. Every single guest must visit and you must then make a reservation for that specific date you want to go.

In less than ten minutes you'll select your date and time you want to visit the park. Then you'll need to watch a video about the new social distancing and sanitation policy. You'll then need to accept and acknowledge these new guest procedures. You'll know your nearly done when after clicking through all this the last thing the site will do is to hit you up for parking if you do not already have a pass. Doh!

Now, what if the park is already listed as "full" the day that you want to visit. Well, you now get to join a waiting list. The park will then contact you if someone else cancels or they determine there is room for you and your guests.

It's a process and part of the "new normal" as we all deal with COVID-19. It's cool the park is taking extra steps to try and give people a place to have fun and also to put steps in place to help you enjoy your day safely. After you are finished signing up on the site you'll want to watch for your reservation confirmation that usually will show up the day before your trip. Don't go to the park without it. Anyone without a reservation confirmation will not be allowed into the park.

The new reservation process will be activated once the park reopens in the weeks ahead.

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