As we count down to National Margarita Day on Saturday, Feb. 22nd, it's time once again to ponder life's... er' margaritas biggest question... No, it's not if you should order it frozen or on the rocks!!! It's "Should I order salt or no salt on the rim?"
According to Mental Floss, salt on your margarita rim actually serves a purpose (which ISN'T to raise your blood pressure- that's just a bonus) which is to screen out the 'slight bitterness' of Cointreau (or if you're a college student... Triple Sec). At the same time, a salt rim helps to heighten the taste of the lime juice.
Dare we mention that a salt rim also makes the margarita look festive and fun?
Fun fact: Some cocktail connoisseurs are adding saline directly to the margarita itself. Why beat around the rim... they just add the salt directly into your drink!. Did we say fun fact? We meant gross fact. Saline... it's not just for the eyes anymore.
Speaking of saline and gross facts... the freakiest, most DISGUSTING margarita trending on the internet right now has to be the Black Margarita hailing from Australia. It's garnished with … of all things... pig's eyeballs.
There are ample photos of this concoction (can we all agree to officially declare any margarita with eyeballs in no longer a margarita but a concoction) on the world wide web. It sounded really tasty, with raspberry liquor and blue curacao right until you get to the garnish. "Black margarita with salt, please. Hold the pig's eyeball."
Now I just want to hurl. This reminds me... the world record for the largest margarita, achieved by Margaritaville and dubbed the 'Calarita' in Las Vegas ( but of course) contained 2,100 gallons of Jose Cuervo. Wonder who has the world record for the longest hangover? A topic for another time.
So what percentage of margaritas are ordered in Victoria with salt on the rim? I called on one of our very own margarita experts, Armando, bartender at Ventura's Tamales to inquire. Armando's answer says it all. "Oh WITH salt- easily! I'd say the ratio is 80/20 in favor of salt on the rim."
Well, there you have it. SALT RULES AND NO SALT DROOLS!  Surely what happens in Victoria is true for the rest of the United States right?
Now we can all we can sleep tonight knowing the answer to life's most pressing question... with salt, please.
Your welcome.
ZZZZZzzzz I'm dreaming about all those drink specials already. How about you?
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