Texans take themselves very seriously when it comes to things like messing with their state, littering on the highways, and outsiders not using their manners.

That level of grit changes instantly the moment a Texan walks into Texas-owned and Texas-famous Buc-ee's.

In fact, Texans are known to lose their minds and their life savings all for a clean potty, the best beef jerky on the planet, and a bag of beaver nuggets. Oh ya and some Buc-ee's t-shirts,  turquoise jewelry, and also... hilarious hand towels, candles, batteries, vases...

We Are Here for the NUGGETS!  Who can resist grabbing a bag of world-famous Buc-ee's BEAVER NUGGETS? You haven't lived unless you've tasted the sweet and salty goodness that is the beaver nugget. It's like having a bag full of caramel cinnamony cereal... just without the milk.  Oh, and there is more than just one flavor of nuggets!

Mashed covers Beaver nuggets from top to bottom on their Youtube page!

Peppered Beef Jerky Reigns Supreme

Don't be a jerk- try the famous Buc-ee's beef jerky! Texans will stand in line for the deliciousness that is Buc-ee's beef jerky. Sure peppered is the most popular flavor but while you are in line, you can really spice things up with their Ghost Pepper Jerky!

Don't Fudge Your Trip Up, try Buc-ee's fudge!

Tami Dunn on her Youtube channel taste tests over 20 flavors of Buc-ee's fudge just to save you some time and calories, but still y'all, it's ALL delicious so don't fudge up by walking past the fudge at Buc-ee's!

All the rest...

Y'all there is no way to get to all of the goods available at Buc-ee's but you will try to buy it all when you get there! Here is a YouTube video from The Crafty DIY Guy and he sums up shopping at Buc-ee's when he buys not one, but two loofah scrubbers!

 Whether it's just a quick trip on the way to somewhere else in Texas or you made Buc-ee's THE destination, if you go INSIDE, you will spend your money there.

Oh honey, you better hope you've got more than a 20!

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