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Fans mourn the loss of Texas teen Youtuber, Adalia Rose.

With millions of fans watching her videos as often as they were posted, Adalia Rose's bubbly personality and her 'calling it like she saw it' attitude, just made you smile.

Dance as if the world is watching.

Born with a rare medical condition, Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome  Adalia never let it stop her from just being herself on and off the camera, and perhaps that is what inspired her millions of fans all over the world most of all.

She knew the importance of living each day fully.

One of the first videos I ever saw of Adalia made my heart melt instantly.

Adalia loved to dance. Well, she loved to do her make-up too, but she really loved to dance.

Thanks to Adalia Rose's official YouTube page for this video, one of so many where she is just having fun, despite her disease. Her videos have been viewed over 170 million times. This is one of my favorites.

The Special Books for Special Kids interview below is amazing too,

Here is a Youtube video from Special Books for Special Kids hosted by Chris Ulmer, that totally summed up Adalia's personality, her special bond with her mother, Natalia, and of course how Adalia felt as a teenager with Progeria.

Natalia chose to record, photograph, and document every day of Adalia's life, helping in part to give the world a better understanding of life with Progeria as well as giving Adalia a platform to share her sassiness!

The family had recently moved from Austin to San Antonio as Adalias disease progressed and her medical needs increased. Adalia passed away yesterday at the age of 15

There is no doubt her family, and her fans will cherish her videos now more than ever.

Here is one of her last videos posted by News Zone Now.

.Our thoughts are with Adalia's adoring family.

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