We've been hearing some buzz for a while now about the new "Wonder Woman" and who should be cast in the role. It appears we have a winner...

According to rumors around the web, Adrianne Palicki, who starred as the character Tyra Collette in "Friday Night Lights", was the only actress invited to test for the role. As such, it appears she's landed the coveted role for the NBC pilot written by David E. Kelley (of Ally McBeal fame) and will be the first TV Wonder Woman since Linda Carter retired the golden lasso.

In the conversations around the water cooler in regards to who should play the role of Wonder Woman, the most repeated argument was, "No way, she's too short." Standing at 5' 11", that argument can't be made for the casting of Palicki. She even went so far as to play basketball in high school if you were thinking about going the athleticism argument route.

There are sure to be some rants and raves about who would and wouldn't be a more perfect choice for the role of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman but it would appear that this is the final choice. And it may very well be the right one but only the pilot will tell.

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